New England Plumbing & Heating Inc.


New England Plumbing & Heating Inc (NEP&H Inc.) can provide licensed plumbing, heating and gas piping installations and contracts throughout most New England states. Providing commercial services in ME, NH, VT, CT, RI and limited MA areas and residential services in ME and NH. Our capabilities include plumbing, heating and gas piping service and installation for the commercial (specializing in restaurants), retail and residential markets. For a more detailed listing of our services, please visit our services page.

NEP&H will work with independent commercial and residential builders, general contractors, and residential clients throughout most of New England.

Owner/President Daniel Ouellette, Master Plumber, Master Heating and gas piping specialist in ME, NH, VT, CT, RI and limited MA areas has 30 years experience in the plumbing & heating trade. Dan is a 2nd generation plumbing, heating and gas piping specialist. Dan has built New England Plumbing & Heating by integrating strong family morals, trust, and integrity along with principals that outline excellent customer service and quality product installations.

Some Of Our Clients...

Burger King KFC McDonalds
Staples Taco Bell Key Bank

We specialize in restaurant and retail plumbing, heating and gas piping systems.

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Dan Ouellette, President
Master Plumber

133 Birch Dr.
Poland Spring, ME 04274

Office: 207-998-5758
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